Ever struggled to figure out what cards you should invest in?

This is the most common struggle with most collectors..

Well.. we decided to do something about it..

We have our Complete Card Collector Course which teaches you everything you need to know about collecting sports cards in 2020.. 

It's incredible.. especially for collectors that want to get up to speed quickly and are focused on the hobby and investing long term.. you need this course to learn HOW things are done in this day & age!

But we still get this question all the time "What are you buying, and what should I buy.. right now?"

Up until this point, we've never shared the information on what cards we're actively buying and why... 

So we're doing it.. we're revealing what we've recently bought and what we're actively buying in a monthly newsletter!

How It Works:

When you subscribe, once a month you will receive an email in your inbox sharing information about what cards we purchased the previous month and what we're actively purchasing or pursuing and why!

With your purchase today, we will send you the most recent newsletter immediately and you will receive all the future newsletters once a month with all of the subscribers..

There are no contracts and you can cancel your subscription at anytime to stop future billing!

Here's a peak into what the "What I'm Buying" section looks like: 👇

Here's a couple examples of actual flips we've done

Wouldn't you liked to have known about these the same month we bought them?

With this newsletter, you would know what we're buying almost right as we're buying them!


But our goal at How To Collect Cards is to help move the hobby forward by educating collectors..

And we know that getting burned and losing money on what you're buying is a HUGE deterence for collectors..

We know that this newsletter will help..

And we wanted to make it as affordable as possible.. (Just $15/month)

This content is SO good, that I (Ernest) literally went to eBay 5 minutes after reading the first one and bought 2 cards.. 

Who's creating the newsletter?

Josh Johnson, the creator of Cardboard Chronicles is the primary content contributor..

Josh has accumulated a collection worth nearly $400,000 in 3 short years.. using ONLY money he collected from collecting cards!

He's a prolific collector and well-known in the industry..

There's no one better to learn from!

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